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Mad About Minibeasts

The Crunching Munching Caterpillar

What the Ladybird Heard

Ronald the Rhino

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Saving Easter

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The children have now all started in nursery and are settling into their new nursery classrooms and beginning to remember lots of new routines.  They have been busy both indoors and outdoors, having lots of fun and making lots of friends!

Happy Halloween!

The children loved wearing their Halloween costumes to school for our dress up day. 

Winter Activities

The children in Nursery have been learning lots about the season of Winter.  We have observed lots of ice on the ground and the children wondered if they could paint ice - so we gave it a try!  We can confirm that ice painting is so much fun!

We have also been learning how to care for animals and birds in the cold winter weather.  The children were sad when they learned that it can be hard for birds to find food during winter, so we made some yummy bird feeders using cheerios, raisins and cranberries.  We hung them outside on the trees for the birds to munch on.  Some children also tasted the cheerios, raisins and cranberries and  thought they were delicious!

Sensory Snow

We used cornflour and hair conditioner to make snow!  The children loved mixing the ingredients together and discussing how it felt and what it looked like.  We had fun playing with it along with our small world winter toys.

Shared Education Play Exchange

January 2020

On Monday 20th January Mrs Hughes' class went to visit Mrs Henry in Phoenix Nursery.  They had lots of fun and are looking forward to Wednesday 5th February when Mrs Henry's class will come here for a visit.

On Tuesday 21st of January Mrs Mallon's class went to visit Cookstown Nursery School.  They visited another Mrs Mallon!  When our Mrs Mallon and her class were away at Cookstown Nursery, Mrs Fleming and her class came to visit Mrs Gormley. 

On Wednesday 22nd January Mrs Gormley's class went to visit Mrs Fleming in Cookstown Nursery School, and the two Mrs Mallons played here in our Nursery.

All the children had lots of fun. 

We asked the children what they enjoyed playing with in Cookstown Nursery school.  The most popular answers were:

"Dressing up doctors."

"The white sand outside!"

"The wobbly bridge."

Pancake Tuesday

On Tuesday 25th February the Nursery children made pancakes for pancake Tuesday. We all worked together to pour the ingredients and mix the batter. We thought our pancakes were delicious!